wtf sven?

sven thorgren sven snowboard snowboarder snowboarding swedish sweden svenska boy wtf sven what the hell wtf or how we say in spanish: que carajos?!


More reasons to love Mikkel

Oh god, Mikkel counting is Spanish

I’m gonna die!!!

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I love you, Philipp Lahm. I remember the first time I saw you play in 2006. I remember admiring you. I remember saying to my family: I want to play like him.
I love you. I would like to say that I had love you since day one. I didn’t love since day one, but I loved you since that day unconditionally.
I love you, Philipp Lahm. You’re my inspiration. You taught me to figh for what I love and to put passion on it.
I may not be German, but you make me love your country with such passion and with such streingh much bigger than for my own country.
I love you, Philipp Lahm. You’re my captain, you’re my idol, you’re my hero.

Ich Liebe Dich, meine kapitän

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I hate when people confuse Sven Thorgren with Seb Toutant

I mean, they don’t even look alike!!! One is Canadian, the other is Swedish. One has green eyes, the other has blue yes. They are not even similar in contexture!!
I’m looking for some Seb pictures and, of 50 pics, 20 are actually of Sven!! Now when you look for Sven, of 50 pics, 20 are of Seb!! I hate it!!
I love both of them, but I really don’t like when people confusse them. It’s like mixing Ståle Sandbech with Mark McMorris: NO WAY!!
I am the only one??

sebastien toutant seb toots sven thorgren sebastien sven canadian swedish snowboard snowboarding snowboarder hate confession


I feel ya

Gott, I also hate summer and sunny days

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